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Stewart Gandolf, MBA, is both the Publisher of PatientExperience.com and the Co-Founder of Healthcare Success. Stewart has written for dozens of leading healthcare publications and spoken at hundreds of venues on a variety of topics including marketing, reputation management and patient experience. Additionally, he has personally consulted for over 1,500 hospitals and practices. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Stewart worked for leading advertising agencies including J. Walter Thompson.

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Patient Experience Imperative and a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

There’s a trend among consumers that one highly respected research firm calls “the age of the consumer. A focus on the customer matters more than any other strategic imperative,” advises Forrester Research. “Customer experience translates into real business value, and customer-centricity is your best bet for sustainable competitive advantage.”

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Leigh Cornell

Patient Experience Success Story: “Before It Was Cool”

Now that Medicare reimbursements will rise and fall based upon patient satisfaction scores, a lot of hospitals are scrambling to improve the way they interact with patients. Of course, changing a hospital’s culture takes time, and push back from doctors and staff can sometimes be intense. Our client, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, has won […]

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Lee Aase

How Mayo Clinic Uses Video Tours to Improve Patient Experience

We recently interviewed Lee Aase, Director of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Social Media, about several ways video can be applied to improve patient experience. Because 25% of Mayo’s patients travel to their clinics, Lee and his team put together video tours to give patients who travel a sense of what to expect before they arrive. […]

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Brooke Billingsley

What Happens When a Patient Experience Researcher Becomes the Patient?

What happens when a patient experience expert becomes the patient herself? We recently interviewed Brooke Billingsley, CEO of Perception Strategies, to find out. Not only is Brooke a respected   researcher, she is also currently undergoing treatment for Stage II breast cancer. During her interview she gives her perspective of the state of patient experience in […]

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Where Leaders Discover Best Practices

Because Patient Experience Matters.

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For Those Who Care

Everything You Need to Know.

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caring hands

It’s Not Just The Right Thing to Do…

It is also good business.

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PwC Finds Patient Experience is the Number One Factor for Choosing a Doctor or Hospital

In the healthcare industry, patient experience and patient satisfaction are more important than ever before.

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social media access

Is Your Online Reputation as Good as You Think It Is?

Your 11-page (and growing) Curriculum Vitae (CV) represents years of hard work. As a doctor, you prize and protect what colleagues and co-workers think about your professional persona.

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Hospital or Hotel? How Amenities Influence Facility Selection and Patient Satisfaction

Where quality was once evaluated solely on clinical care, patients, prospective patients and their family members are shopping for value and satisfaction. Decision makers have a greater concern for the overall patient experience.

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