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Front Door Ideas (and a Cookie) Worth Stealing

As a frequent traveler, I nominate the chocolate chip cookie as the nearly universal token of a friendly welcome at many hotels (and at least one airline.) “Cookies are warm, personal and inviting, much like our hotels and the staff here that serves you,” a DoubleTree Hotels spokesman told the New York Times. DoubleTree may […]

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Doctor Redefined: The Interpretive Path to Patient Experience

The contemporary definition of “doctor” is changing. More precisely, doctor, as a title for medical practitioners, is increasingly emphasizing the lesser know Latin origin…meaning “to teach.” Ultimately it’s a patient-physician communications trend with significant benefits to patient satisfaction and experience. As the nation’s healthcare delivery system has reinvented itself, many of the traditional structures, models […]

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The Elephant and the Blind Men: Understanding Patient Satisfaction

No doubt you’ve heard the tale of the Elephant and the Blind Men. The age-old story seems simplistic. But, stick with me on this…there’s a timely lesson here—and a lively discussion—that’s vital to how we think about patient satisfaction. And ultimately, how patients select “the right hospital.” It seems that several sightless individuals each gave […]

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The Janus Principle: Improving Patient Experience From Start to Finish

Good beginnings are required for good endings.

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Improving Wait Times: Tips to Creating a Better Patient Experience

This post is the second in a series. Part One, The Psychology of Waiting vs. Patient Experience Enemy Number One, is available here. For medical offices and hospitals, a chief cornerstone of delivering a positive patient experience is in “beating the clock.” The amount of time that a patient waits for healthcare services has a […]

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Defining, and Caring for, the Emotional Side of the Patient Experience

Every definition of Patient Experience—the really good ones—identifies an emotional component. In fact, the emotional experience of patients is ever-present in every aspect of the continuum of care. From the patient’s initial need, their clinical treatment, and their interactions with providers and staff, to the outcome or resolution of their medical issue, human emotions are […]

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The Rising Tide of Consumerism and What People Want Most

There’s quite a revolution happening in the world of retail sales and marketing. Consumers are better informed, value driven and increasingly selective in their buying decisions. Small, medium and large businesses are turning up the customer service volume and using innovative tools and techniques to deliver a superior customer experience. Sound familiar? The rise of […]

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Leigh Cornell

Patient Experience Success Story: “Before It Was Cool”

Now that Medicare reimbursements will rise and fall based upon patient satisfaction scores, a lot of hospitals are scrambling to improve the way they interact with patients. Of course, changing a hospital’s culture takes time, and push back from doctors and staff can sometimes be intense. Our client, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, has won […]

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