How Mayo Clinic Uses Video Tours to Improve Patient Experience

Lee Aase

Lee Aase

We recently interviewed Lee Aase, Director of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Social Media, about several ways video can be applied to improve patient experience.

Because 25% of Mayo’s patients travel to their clinics, Lee and his team put together video tours to give patients who travel a sense of what to expect before they arrive. What’s more, patients can even easily view some of the mobile-friendly videos “on the ground” at the airport, or on location when they arrive.

During the second part of the interview, Lee describes how video can also be used inexpensively and effectively to acquaint patients with specific doctors.




You can also see some of the professionally shot patient tour footage at Traveling to Mayo Clinic In Minnesota and Mobile Friendly Site for the Florida Clinic. The interview also alludes to some inexpensive footage that introduces prosthodontist Dr. Koka.

Finally, Lee shared several additional links to the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, Lee’s blog and his Twitter account.

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