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Co-Founder of Healthcare Success Strategies, Lonnie has consulted for over 2,000 health care clients during his 20-year career. Lonnie writes for many healthcare publications, and also has spoken at hundreds of venues nationally. His topics include patient experience, customer service, marketing, branding and business development.

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Tell a Good Story: The Universal Patient Experience Gateway

Achieving a “positive patient experience” in healthcare delivery is the product of many things. No matter how you choose to define it, the whole will be greater than the sum of a thousand tangible and intangible experiential components. It may seem like a daunting challenge to control, channel and quantify these constantly moving parts, but […]

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4 Ways to Discover the Experience Patients Really Want

A conversation about the evolution of patient experience strategies and implementation is likely to reference Cleveland Clinic’s dramatic transformation from “about average” (in 2009) to “world-class leadership” that matches its clinical excellence. The 90-plus year old institution was the first major academic medical center to make patient experience a strategic goal, appoint a Chief Experience […]

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Dale Carnegie and His Mother Would Love This Doctor

Our little story begins with a recent patient visit to a doctor’s office. The story is true, but in the interest of patient privacy, we’ll avoid identifying particulars. Among friends and family, the patient sometimes refers to herself as a “little old lady.” And at 90 years of age, the label fits in the kindest […]

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The Hospital and Car Dealer Odyssey: Reimagining Customer Experience

It turns out that healthcare providers and auto dealerships have much in common. Often, what they share is a sour reputation with the people they serve. Stick with me on this for a minute. Surprisingly, improvements in the “dealership experience” world illustrate some useful concepts for better “patient experience.”

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Front Door Ideas (and a Cookie) Worth Stealing

As a frequent traveler, I nominate the chocolate chip cookie as the nearly universal token of a friendly welcome at many hotels (and at least one airline.) “Cookies are warm, personal and inviting, much like our hotels and the staff here that serves you,” a DoubleTree Hotels spokesman told the New York Times. DoubleTree may […]

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Doctor Redefined: The Interpretive Path to Patient Experience

The contemporary definition of “doctor” is changing. More precisely, doctor, as a title for medical practitioners, is increasingly emphasizing the lesser know Latin origin…meaning “to teach.” Ultimately it’s a patient-physician communications trend with significant benefits to patient satisfaction and experience. As the nation’s healthcare delivery system has reinvented itself, many of the traditional structures, models […]

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Small Things That Build Patient Experience Big-time

Hospital and medical care providers recognize that the patient experience—and positive patient satisfaction—is best constructed with a thousand little building blocks. (Maybe a million.) One of the better outlines of patient “wants” was offered in Stephanie Staples’ post on nursetogether.com. She writes, patients want to know: Help me feel human. Empower me. Ease my fear. […]

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Association for Patient Experience: A Cleveland Clinic Platform for Sharing

Delivering an outstanding experience for patients is a considerable challenge, and most providers and medical facilities want to draw on all the professional guidance and best practices models it can find. Although “patient experience” is a mission-critical subject in every hospital or health system setting, outside resources and practical—and proven—experience can be hard to find. […]

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EHR electronic health records

The “Meaningful” Path (and Barriers) to Improving Patient Experience

There’s a positive patient experience bonus in Electronic Health Records (EHR) adoption…at least for those facilities, health systems and practices that have EHR in place. What’s more, patients are warming to the quick and convenient personal benefits, and providers are improving their demographics capture and engaging patients and families.   As Meaningful Use approaches Stage […]

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The Elephant and the Blind Men: Understanding Patient Satisfaction

No doubt you’ve heard the tale of the Elephant and the Blind Men. The age-old story seems simplistic. But, stick with me on this…there’s a timely lesson here—and a lively discussion—that’s vital to how we think about patient satisfaction. And ultimately, how patients select “the right hospital.” It seems that several sightless individuals each gave […]

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