Association for Patient Experience: A Cleveland Clinic Platform for Sharing

Delivering an outstanding experience for patients is a considerable challenge, and most providers and medical facilities want to draw on all the professional guidance and best practices models it can find.

Although “patient experience” is a mission-critical subject in every hospital or health system setting, outside resources and practical—and proven—experience can be hard to find. Fortunately, Cleveland Clinic has taken another leadership step in proactively sharing patient experience ideas. In fact, they have a new–and free–platform for patient experience leaders.

The non-profit Association for Patient Experience was founded by James Merlino, MD, Chief Experience Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Health System. He’s also the group’s current president. The Association’s purpose is to support healthcare professionals, patients and their families by improving the patient experience.

“The Association’s goal is to support the advancement of the patient experience, ensuring that quality care is delivered while keeping the patient’s physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs at the forefront.

“We are committed to advancing the patient experience and positively impacting the global delivery of patient-centered healthcare. Our values include patient-centered care, innovation, research, evidence-based practice and sharing.”

We’ve been pleased to have Dr. Merlino join us as our guest for two Healthcare Success podcasts this year, both on the subject of patient experience. Click through here for our article and audio interview: At Cleveland Clinic, Patient Experience is Not Just About Patient Satisfaction and Cleveland Clinic Summit: Sharable and Scalable Patient Experience Ideas.

The concept of sharing ideas and insight is a prominent theme in Dr. Merlino’s comments, and the Association for Patient Experience furthers that effort. The basic membership level is free, and a premium membership—with additional benefits—is modestly priced. [Visit their Membership page here.]

Membership in the Association is open to healthcare provider, representative, patient or consumer who is interested in the patient experience. “Most importantly, you’ll be part of a movement that advocates for a high comprehensive standard of patient care, improving the patient experience from admission to treatment to release.”

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