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Indifference: The Sure-Fire Patient Satisfaction Killer

Perhaps the most consistent complaint about assessing patient experience and patient satisfaction is that some things are difficult to quantify, measure or report in a meaningful way. Quite often, it’s not about the clinical quality of care. Satisfaction is about intangible feelings of respect, both real and imagined. Among the five reasons that people don’t like [...]

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listening skills

Patient Experience and The Lost Art of Listening

Early on, we learn to talk. And throughout life we’re quick to “have something to say,” and contribute to social interaction…with friends, colleagues, and even with strangers. Storytelling, verbally presenting ideas and communicating information becomes second nature; a practiced skill that’s valuable in business and personal interaction. Some people take public speaking classes or polish [...]

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caring hands

Experiential Marketing: The Untapped Advantage for Doctors and Hospitals

When big-budget advertisers are determined to make a brand-awareness splash with the public, they often need elaborate (and expensive) preparation. The textbook label is Experiential Marketing, defined as “a form of advertising intended to customers experience the brand.” Fortunately, doctors and hospitals have a largely untapped advantage over consumer and retail brands when it comes to [...]

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social media pathway

Social Media: How to Build a Better Experience-Path to Your Door

If the Internet is the “new front door” for hospitals and healthcare providers, then social media is the trusted pathway to engagement and the vitally important initial patient experience. Curiously, the most frequent citation about online health information sounds impressive, but it doesn’t reveal the underlying power of contemporary digital. You’ll often hear: “72% of [...]

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Madvocates: Patient Experience Naysayers Are Not Who You Think

As often happens, a consumer research study has proven something that you probably knew intuitively…that bad news travels fast. But the survey by Colloquy, a consumer loyalty firm, identifies and quantifies the demographic slices that are “predisposed to engage in negative WOM (word-of mouth) practices after suffering a bad experience.” But the surprising insight about [...]

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