How Consumer Empowerment is Changing Your Medical Practice

consumer empowermentAs patients increasingly are taking ownership of their health, the time-honored, physician-centric, healthcare delivery system is changing for the better. Consumer empowerment is their new watchword. And the lineup of expectations and patient demands includes transparent and personalized services. What’s more, your patient-centric audience wants a complete service package that is affordable, fast and convenient.

The Internet – the universal source of consumer empowerment

The online fountain of medical information has fueled a proactive role in serving patients—millennials in particular. And when patients are empowered, they are more aware of the available medical options. They are informed as to where they can go to receive the highest level of care with the most innovative advancements.

Empowerment is a new consumer face. Patients are customers who are less willing to conform to the way healthcare was delivered in the past. They don’t want to be bogged down in paperwork, complex insurances, and non-standard pricing plans. They want to understand the system, all treatment options, and how to get the best possible care.

Because they are taking an active role in their own healthcare, empowered patients may elect to walk away from an unclear or uncertain situation and seek a second opinion.

How does this shift impact the healthcare industry?

As the percentage of engaged and discerning patients influencing healthcare increases, it expands opportunities for third-party vendors. Increasingly, another provider has the resources and technologies to attract patients and provide the same or better level of care.

To stay competitive in this changing landscape, hospitals and medical practices are challenged to find new ways to attract, treat and retain patients. A medical practice or a hospital that has not allowed for change and innovation is quickly falling behind the competition. Empowered patients are seeking out innovative providers.

Some of the qualities that successful practices embrace to stay competitive include:

  • Patient-centered thinking (including fast access to care)
  • Innovative technologies (including email, text and online scheduling) to improve patient experience
  • Collaboration and partnerships with third-party vendors

And as healthcare becomes more collaborative—and patients become more educated—individualized care and affordability will continue to rise. Let’s talk about ways to improve patient experience and how to better serve your empowered patients through technology and personalized strategies. Contact Healthcare Success at 800-656-0907.

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