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Small Things That Build Patient Experience Big-time

Hospital and medical care providers recognize that the patient experience—and positive patient satisfaction—is best constructed with a thousand little building blocks. (Maybe a million.) One of the better outlines of patient “wants” was offered in Stephanie Staples’ post on nursetogether.com. She writes, patients want to know: Help me feel human. Empower me. Ease my fear. […]

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One Doctor’s Practical Tips and Techniques to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Serious discussions about patient experience often gravitate to how “satisfaction” enhances the overarching goal of delivering exceptional patient care. On one level, a patient “feels good” about the encounter when the hospital, facility and/or the practitioner has empathetically met their needs and their expectations.

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The Elephant and the Blind Men: Understanding Patient Satisfaction

No doubt you’ve heard the tale of the Elephant and the Blind Men. The age-old story seems simplistic. But, stick with me on this…there’s a timely lesson here—and a lively discussion—that’s vital to how we think about patient satisfaction. And ultimately, how patients select “the right hospital.” It seems that several sightless individuals each gave […]

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Consumer Reports’ Gripe-o-meter: 16 Bothersome Patient Experience Issues

When the “stuff” hits the fan, it’s likely to clear the room. That’s the natural reaction. Nobody really wants to be on the receiving end… listening to the gripes and complaints of an unhappy customer…or unhappy patient. It’s counterintuitive, but expert advice in customer service is exactly the opposite. Embrace that next complaint. Meet it […]

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The Janus Principle: Improving Patient Experience From Start to Finish

Good beginnings are required for good endings.

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Coach Lou Holtz

Coach Lou Holtz, the Importance of a Timely Note, and Patient Satisfaction

by Neil H. Baum, MD In my medical practice, I use note writing extensively to communicate with patients, with families of patients and with referring physicians. And yet, when I received a note, which is not related to patient care, it is always a little surprising and uplifting, and I’m reminded why note writing (and […]

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Tales of the TELL: Those Little Red Flags are Patient Experience Symptoms

Serious poker players know about a “tell.” You’ve probably heard the term…some physical signal is a giveaway about the cards a player’s been dealt. A tell is usually subtle—maybe barely perceptible—but a strategic signal and possible advantage in playing the game. Medical offices and hospitals are constantly giving off little signals that, when detected, can […]

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The Rising Tide of Consumerism and What People Want Most

There’s quite a revolution happening in the world of retail sales and marketing. Consumers are better informed, value driven and increasingly selective in their buying decisions. Small, medium and large businesses are turning up the customer service volume and using innovative tools and techniques to deliver a superior customer experience. Sound familiar? The rise of […]

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15 Best Practice Reasons Professionals Care About Patient Satisfaction

Measuring patient satisfaction by Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey scores is a topic of considerable discussion. But now that patient satisfaction scores have become the “universal yardstick” for determining 30 percent of the federal financial incentive program, HCAHPS and patient satisfaction scores have serious financial weight with hospitals.

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10 Practical Tips To Enhance a Patient’s Experience With Your Practice

Editor’s Note: The real-world, doctor-to-doctor ideas that Dr. Baum presents in this article are based on his 30 years of experience as a practicing urologist. These practical patient experience concepts are useful and appropriate to most other professional disciplines and healthcare provider practices. All of us want our patients to have a positive experience with […]

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