Patient Satisfaction Solutions From a Virtual Brainstorm [Infographic]

innovation healthjamQuestion: What happens when you bring together thousands of individuals from healthcare and technology—and you challenge them create solutions for patient satisfaction, patient experience and other pressing healthcare issues?

Answer: The unique virtual brainstorm session, labeled Innovation HealthJam, identifies over 250 actionable ideas—potential solutions and improvements—to help shape the future of healthcare.

Here’s how that came about recently and a sampling of classic problems and useful solutions.

About Innovation HealthJam…

Corporate sponsors (Panasonic Corporation, IBM and others) and healthcare industry leaders (American Medical Association and others) created a completely virtual, three-day discussion forum to explore ideas and improve health outcomes and “innovate the future of health for the greater good.”

The virtual brainstorm format is fairly innovative, and the digital doors were open to physicians, nurses, technology innovators and others. The event brought together over 2,400 participants, more than 80 speakers, eight hosts and 58 facilitators.

12 Ways to Put Patients First in Healthcare…

As small sampling among the volumes of intellectual output, Innovation HealthJam produced this Infographic to summarize a dozen patient experience-related issues and answers. On the Problems side, for example, patients are frustrated by long wait times (to schedule an appointment and to see the doctor).

And listed under Solutions, they suggest:

  1. Implement a bonus structure for healthcare providers based on patient feedback;
  2. Implement patient portals for scheduling (similar to Open Table; dining reservation app); and
  3. Use mobile technology to alert patients of delays, reducing wait times.

infographicAs healthcare delivery in the US increasingly shifts from fee-for-service to patient-centric emphasis, the patient—and the healthcare system—benefit from increased quality, decreased cost, and a better patient experience.

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 Author: Lonnie Hirsch

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Co-Founder of Healthcare Success Strategies, Lonnie has consulted for over 2,000 health care clients during his 20-year career. Lonnie writes for many healthcare publications, and also has spoken at hundreds of venues nationally. His topics include patient experience, customer service, marketing, branding and business development.

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