Improving Patient Experience with One Short Phrase

There’s a three-word phrase that successful doctors use often in interacting with others. Civic leaders, business executives and sales people all use it effortlessly—and effectively. It’s one simple, short phrase that easily fits in conversation, and works wonders in improving communications and patient experience.

Here it is: “Tell me more.”

For sales people, simply saying, “Tell me more,” immediately allows them to learn more about a customer’s objection and how to shape a meaningful answer to their need. Similarly, in doctor-patient conversation, the short phrase is a disarming and effective invitation for the patient to be heard.

A patient wants to feel that the (often busy, sometimes rushed) doctor wants to hear their needs, problems and issues…and that they, the patient, is being heard. When a doctors says, Tell me more, the patient:

  • Has the doctor’s attention
  • Is acknowledged as a partner in the discussion
  • Is empowered to express themselves
  • May reveal an underlying concern or real objection

What’s more, the phrase hands over the conversation to the patient, and

  • Demonstrates the doctor’s respect
  • May disarm patient fears
  • Expresses openness and empathy

Better Communications = Better Patient Experience

In healthcare’s patient-centric environment, patients want to be heard. One research project quantifies this as more than 80 percent of people surveyed expressed the desire for their provider to listen to them, but only 60 percent indicate that happens. [Institute of Medicine (IOM) Roundtable on Value and Science-Driven Health Care]

Perhaps most importantly, this communications technique engages the patient and provides the physician with an opportunity for active listening and greater understanding.

Inviting the patient to Tell me more, is simple, friendly, and is easy to incorporate in any doctor-patient conversation (or with staff and most people interactions) many times each day.

Among the results, the patient becomes more engaged partner in their own health care, and the positive interaction enhances the relationship, the patient experience, and potentially, the outcome.

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Stewart Gandolf, MBA

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Stewart Gandolf, MBA, is both the Publisher of and the Co-Founder of Healthcare Success. Stewart has written for dozens of leading healthcare publications and spoken at hundreds of venues on a variety of topics including marketing, reputation management and patient experience. Additionally, he has personally consulted for over 1,500 hospitals and practices. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Stewart worked for leading advertising agencies including J. Walter Thompson.

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